Advanced Authorization Plug-In, compilation

I wanted to see how this works, so I compiled for OS X and for UBUNTU using the repo on BitBucket here I had to install mercurial to get it to compile.

For OS X, just did this:

$ mkdir Build
$ cd Build
$ make

and in the Build directories I get the following in OS X

libOrthancAuthorization.dylib (looks like it is a symlink)


and for UBUNTU I had to compile twice, one to create the Build directory source, and then another make in the Build directory to actually create the plug in.

That also then gives 2 files:

although in this case they are both about 2.5 MB in size.

I’ll go ahead and try them, but is that the correct procedure and can’t I just use the libOrthancAuthorization.mainline.dylib file (no symlink) and either one of the UBUNTU .so files.

Thank you.