adding IP from different subnet to the Orthanc JSON config file stops the service

Hello, ’
I have already set up the ORTHANC dicom server in a PC and configured with two GE ultrasound machines plus a dicom viewer ( Radiant ), all in the same subnet ( like 192.168.10.X) work perfectly fine.
I added another client, another radiant as viewer, which is remote client and has different IP. The reason it has different IP is because this client connected to the network through VPN connection. So it gets IP from different subnet ( like 10.10.10.X ) but it can ping the computers where ORTHANC dicom server is located. I know all ports are open between these two clients ( two networks ) .
So when I add IP e.g ( IP of remote client ) to the ORTHANC config file, orthanc service is stopped. I tried to restart it but it stops few moments later again. Any solution on this issue? Much appreciate that.

Why don’t you provide logs so someone can help you ?

Thanks for recommending to look at the log files. Here is a copy of one of the log files. they were the same.


W0321 22:01:52.839899 OrthancConfiguration.cpp:59] Reading the configuration from: “Configuration\orthanc.json”

22:01:52.840900 OrthancException.h:85] Cannot parse a JSON document:
The configuration file does not follow the JSON syntax:

E0321 22:01:52.841868 main.cpp:1442] Uncaught exception, stopping now: [Cannot parse a JSON document] (code 28)

That means there’s a typo/formatting error in your configuration file (orthanc.json)